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About the Award – Hong Kong Sustainability Award 18/19

Scheme Name: Hong Kong Sustainability Award

Organizer: Hong Kong Management Association (HKMA)

Aim: To raise awareness of the importance of sustainability in the business community and to give public recognition to organizations demonstrating a commitment to sustainability in their operation while achieving good organizational performance. Besides, the award can provide a platform for organizations to benchmark best practices of sustainability.

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About the Award – Caring Company 15+

Scheme Name: Caring Company Scheme

Organizer: The Hong Kong Council of Social Service

Aim: To foster strategic partnerships between the business and social services sectors to promote good corporate citizenship and create a more inclusive society.  The Scheme also helps corporations and social services organisations to know and understand one another at a much deeper level. This will create more room for working together to develop cross-sector community projects that focus on the needs of the community.

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About the Award – Family-Friendly Employers Award Scheme

Scheme Name: Family-Friendly Employers Award Scheme

Organizer: Family Council

Aim: To raise awareness of the employers of the importance of family core values, and to foster a pro-family culture and environment.  To give recognition to employers that demonstrate a family-friendly spirit and encourage them to implement family-friendly employment policies and practices.

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About the Award – Good MPF Employer 2019-20

Scheme Name: Good MPF Employer Award

Organizer: Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority

Aim: To promote and foster employers’ compliance with MPF legislation; to encourage employers to provide better retirement benefits for their employees; and to recognize employers who are exemplary in enhancing the retirement benefits of their employees.

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About the Award – Hong Kong Outstanding Corporate Citizenship Logo

Scheme Name: Hong Kong Corporate Citizenship Scheme

Organizer: Hong Kong Productivity Council and Committee on the Promotion of Civic Education

Aim: To praise enterprises that actively fulfill their social responsibilities; to promote the concept of corporate citizenship, to encourage enterprises to care for the community, and to promote the sustainable development of economy, society and environment.

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About the Award – TWGHs Jockey Club Sunshine Complex for the Elderly- Appreciate Certificate

Scheme Name: 開心相聚慶中秋2019

Organizer: TWGHs Jockey Club Sunshine Complex for the Elderly

Aim: To appreciate Kiu Lok provided warm services and caring the elderly in every mid-autumn festival.

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