Facility Management

Breakdown of fresh water, flush water, electricity & air conditioning supply:Within 30 minutes
General lighting:Within 48 hours
Checking of water pump:Monthly
Checking of electricity supply system:Quarterly
Checking of generator set:Every 2 Weeks
Maintenance checking of fire system:Quarterly
Cleaning of flushing water tank:Every 6 months
Cleaning of fresh water tank:Quarterly
Maintenance checking of lift & escalator:Every 2 weeks
Cleaning of a/c air filter:Every 4 months
Maintenance checking of CCTV:Weekly
Cleaning of main fresh air duct:Bi-yearly
Cleaning of FCU cooling coil for all floor lobby:Yearly
Cleaning of main exhaust air duct:Bi-yearly
Inspection & testing of fixed electrical installations:Every 5 years
Lifts breakdown:Within 1 hour
Lifts entrapment (office hours):Within 20 minutes
Lifts entrapment (after office hours):Within 30 minutes