Environmental Management

Information issuing for health, safety & environment protection:Monthly
Cleaning of common corridor:Everyday
Cleaning of toilet:Six times per day
General cleaning:By schedule
Condition check of trees:Every 3 months
Prevention measurement of infectious diseases:
Except the launching of general guidelines of prevention measurement of infectious diseases, the following measures shall be carried out if there is confirmed case locally:

  • Issue circular to remind tenants of such disease and advise them of our precautionary procedure being taken.
  • Special counter is to be set up on main G/F lobby to remind all tenants to pay special attention to the above disease and take special care of personal’s health. Deployed staff will also dispatch mask and measure body temperature if anyone is in need during office hours.
  • Deployed cleaners on G/F to sterilize lift buttons during the office hours and increase cleaners to sterilize all the easy contact articles during the peak hours.
  • All lifts should be sterilized thoroughly every two hours during the office hours.
  • Place disinfected mats at all major entrances.
  • All staff (including Sub Contractors) has to wear a mask and measure the body temperature every day before work. Anyone with fever or symptoms of influenza will not be allowed to work in the buildings.
  • Fresh air supply to air-conditioned areas will be tuned to increase the volume of flow than that of building design to improve air circulation.
  • Some glass doors should be kept open to maintain good ventilation.